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angle-left ADVISORY: World Trade Organization (WTO) Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Latest Notifications – 9-15 April 2022

Philippine exporters and relevant stakeholders are strongly encouraged to review and comment on the listed proposed technical regulations that may greatly affect our exports to the issuing countries.  

The latest bulletin lists a total of 25 notifications on agriculture, chemical technology, domestic & commercial equipment, fluid systems & components, food technology, health protection, management & quality, road vehicles engineering, and services from Brazil, United Kingdom, Japan, United Arab Emirates, European Union and other countries. 

Please take note of the applicable Final Date for Comments of the following products: 



  1. Food with a presentation similar to cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, or any other smoking product, derived from tobacco or not, Brazil, Not Applicable 


Chemical Technology 

  1. Products called “carnival foam”, “carnival snow”, “artificial snow”, “serpentine”, “web”, or any other similar denomination, presented in the form of an aerosol, Brazil, Not Applicable

  2. Sanitizing products, Brazil, Not Applicable 

  3. Products under sanitary surveillance that contain benzene in their composition, as a contaminating agent, in a percentage not exceeding 0.1% v/v, Brazil, Not Applicable 

  4. Labelling of personal hygiene products, cosmetics and perfumes, Brazil, Not Applicable 

  5. Toiletries, cosmetics and perfumes, Brazil, Not Applicable 

  6. Toiletries, cosmetics and perfumes, Brazil, Not Applicable 

  7. Skin tanning related cosmetics, Brazil, Not Applicable \

  8. Toiletries, cosmetics and perfumes, Brazil, Not Applicable 

  9. Personal hygiene products, cosmetics and children’s perfumes, Brazil, Not Applicable 

  10. Hair preparations for use on the hair, Brazil, Not Applicable 

  11. Toys and cosmetics products, United Kingdom, 14 June 2022 


Domestic & Commercial Equipment 

  1. Disposable personal hygiene products, Brazil, Not Applicable 


 Fluid Systems & Components 

  1. High pressure gas containers for hydrofluorocarbon, Japan, 12 June 2022 


Food Technology 

  1. Microbiological limits for foodstuffs intended for human consumption and for some food ingredients used in food industry, United Arab Emirates, 11 June 2022 

  2. Foodstuffs, Brazil, Not Applicable 

  3. Evaporated milk, not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter, Peru, Not Applicable 


Health Protection 

  1. Marine equipment, European Union, 11 June 2022 

  2. Protective helmets for motorcycle users, Uganda, 12 June 2022 


Management & Quality 

  1. Organic products, Brazil, Not Applicable 

  2. Ornaments and accessories, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 9 June 2022 


Road Vehicles Engineering 

  1. Lane departure warning systems (LDWS) for heavy vehicles, Australia, 3 June 2022 



  1. Air filters, United States, 9 May 2022 


Rubber & Plastic Industries 

  1. Glues, thinner, adhesives and correctors, Brazil, Not Applicable 

  2. Single-use plastic food containers made of expanded or extruded plastic, France, 12 June 2022 


Please submit your comments to the DTI Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) thru email at and copy the DTI Export Marketing Bureau ( The BPS serves as the Philippines’ National Enquiry Point (NEP) and the National Notification Authority (NNA) for the WTO-TBT Agreement.