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angle-left ADVISORY: World Trade Organization (WTO) Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Latest Notifications 30 June 2023

Philippine exporters and relevant stakeholders are strongly encouraged to review and comment on the listed proposed technical regulations that may affect our exports to the issuing economies.   

The latest bulletin lists a total of 17 notifications covering various sectors such as domestic and commercial equipment, electrical engineering, environment, health protection, safety, fuels, food technology, metallurgy, telecommunications, video and audio, paints, and health care technology, the respective issuing economies and the final date of comments are provided below:  

Chemical technology 

  1. Copper / chromium / arsenic composition for the preservation of timber, Burundi, 28 July 2023 
  2. Wood preservatives and treated timber for analysis, Burundi, 29 July 2023 
  3. Hydrochlorofluorocarbon-based air conditioners, Ghana, Not Applicable 
  4. Hazardous materials, United States, 31 July 2023 
  5. Hazardous air pollutants : ethylene oxide commercial sterilization and fumigation, United States, 27 June 2023 
  6. New chemicals regulations under the toxic substances control, United States, 25 July 2023 

Environment. Health protection. Safety 

  1. All products, European Union, 28 August 2023 
  2. Ecodesign requirement for electronic displays, Jordan, 01 August 2023 
  3. Labelling requirement for electronic displays, Jordan, 01 August 2023 
  4. Manufactured housing – Addendum, United States, Not Indicated 
  5. Testing provisions for air emission sources – Corrigendum, United States, Not Indicated 

Health care technology 

  1. Medicinal products, Russian Federation, 29 July 2023 
  2. Veterinary medicines, Russian Federation, 29 July 2023 
  3. Medicinal products, Russian Federation, 29 July 2023 
  4. Medicinal products, Ukraine, 29 July 2023 


  1. Precision roller and bush chains, attachments and associated chain sprockets, India, 06 August 2023 
  2. Aluminium and aluminium alloy products, India, 06 August 2023 


Please submit your comments to the DTI Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) thru email at and copy the DTI Export Marketing Bureau ( The BPS serves as the Philippines’ National Enquiry Point (NEP) and the National Notification Authority (NNA) for the WTO-TBT Agreement.