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angle-left ADVISORY: World Trade Organization (WTO) Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Latest Notifications – 16-22 April 2022

Philippine exporters and relevant stakeholders are strongly encouraged to review and comment on the listed proposed technical regulations that may greatly affect our exports to the issuing countries.  

The latest bulletin lists a total of seven (7) notifications on health care technology, food technology, and construction materials and building from the issuing countries listed below: 


Health Care Technology 


  1. Pharmaceuticals, Republic of Korea, 18 June 2022 

  2. Single-use hygienic face masks, Thailand, 20 June 2022 


Food Technology 


  1. Green coffee bean, United Arab Emirates, 20 April 2022 

  2. Labelling of prepackaged foods, Myanmar, Not Applicable 

  3. Labelling of prepackaged foods, Mongolia, 30 May 2022 

  4. Food nutrition labelling, Viet Nam, 18 June 2022 


Construction Materials and Building 


  1. Construction products, Lithuania, 3 days after circulation by WTO Secretariat 


Please take note of the deadlines for comment. 

Kindly email your comments to the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) via, copy the Export Marketing Bureau ( The BPS serves as the Philippines’ National Enquiry Point (NEP) and the National Notification Authority (NNA) for the WTO-TBT Agreement.