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angle-left ADVISORY: World Trade Organization (WTO) Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Latest Notifications 04 January 2023

Philippine exporters and relevant stakeholders are strongly encouraged to review and comment on the listed proposed technical regulations that may affect our exports to the issuing economies.   

The latest bulletin lists a total of 98 notifications covering various sectors such as domestic and commercial equipment, electrical engineering, environment, health protection, safety, fuels, food technology, metallurgy, telecommunications, video and audio, paints, and health care technology, the respective issuing economies and the final date of comments are provided below:  

Aircraft and space vehicle engineering 

  1. Aviation system safety assessment, United States, 08 March 2023 


  1. Mosquito repellent : skin applied, Burundi, 09 February 2023 
  2. Skin applied mosquito repellent : sprays and roll-ons, Burundi, 09 February 2023 
  3. Skin applied mosquito repellent : lotions, creams, gels and ointments, Burundi, 10 February 2023 
  4. Natural chemical pesticides, Chile, 09 February 2023 
  5. Dairy cattle feed premix – Addendum, Kenya, Not Indicated 
  6. Cigarettes, smokeless tobacco – Addendum, United States, Not Indicated 
  7. Organic pet food, European Union, 05 February 2023 
  8. Coffee extracts and chicory extracts – Addendum, Ukraine, Not Indicated 
  9. Plant protection products and agrochemicals, Ukraine, 04 February 2023 

Chemical technology 

  1. Apparatus and procedures for the electrometric measurement of pH values of aqueous solutions with the glass electrode, Uganda. 04 February 2023 
  2. Certain chemical substances – Addendum, United States, Not Indicated 
  3. Certain chemical substances, United States, Not Indicated 
  4. Polyfluoroalkyl substances, United States, 03 February 2023 

Construction materials and building 

  1. Single tap and combination tap – Addendum, Israel, Not Indicated 
  2. Mechanical mixing tap with a single handle – Addendum, Israel, Not Indicated 
  3. Construction products, buildings and structures – Addendum, Ukraine, Not Indicated 

Domestic and commercial equipment 

  1. Bunk beds, Australia, 12 February 2023 
  2. Mattresses – Addendum, Ecuador, Not Indicated 
  3. Mattresses – Addendum, Ecuador, Not Indicated 
  4. Household and similar electrical appliances, The State of Kuwait, 10 February 2023 
  5. Refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers and freezers, The State of Kuwait, 11 February 2023 
  6. Household dishwashers, Ukraine, 09 February 2023 

Electrical engineering 

  1. Street light fixtures for discharge and LED lamps – Corrigendum, Brazil, Not Indicated 


  1. Mercury in melt pressure transducers for capillary rheometers, European Union, 09 February 2023 
  2. Electrical and electronic equipment – Revision, Ukraine, Not Indicated 

Energy and heat transfer engineering 

  1. Single package vertical air conditioners and single package vertical heat pumps – Revision, United States, 06 February 2023 
  2. Single package vertical air conditioner and single package vertical heat pump equipment – Addendum, United States, Not Indicated 

Environment. Health protection. Safety 

  1. Emergency management: evacuation for healthcare facilities, Burundi, 03 February 2023 
  2. Tank vehicles that are used for transporting and distributing water for human consumption, Nicaragua, Not Indicated 
  3. Waste electrical and electronic equipment, Nicaragua, 05 February 2023 

Equipment for entertainment 

  1. Public playground equipment – Addendum, Kenya, Not Indicated 

Fluid systems and components for general use 

  1. Ventilators, fans, air-conditioners – Addendum, Egypt, Not Indicated 
  2. Dedicated-purpose pool pumps – Revision, United States, 31 January 2023 
  3. Circulator pumps, United States, 06 February 2023 

Food technology 

  1. Fermented soybean paste, United Arab Emirates, 03 February 2023 
  2. Shea butter, United Arab Emirates, 03 February 2023 
  3. Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.), United Arab Emirates, 03 February 2023 
  4. Ham – Addendum, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  5. Food additives - Flavoring – Corrigendum, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  6. Organic pet food, European Union, 05 February 2023 
  7. Sugar industry, Kenya, 14 February 2023 
  8. Labelling and advertising of foods, Republic of Korea, 06 February 2023 
  9. Frozen cuttlefish and squid, Tanzania, 04 February 2023
  10. Fluorocarbons, Japan, 09 February 2023
  11. Regulations on health claims on food labelling and in advertising, Republic of Korea, 11 February 2023
  12. Food additives - Addendum, Turkey, Not Indicated
  13. Fermented milk products - Addendum, Turkey, 11 February 2023
  14. Ice cream - Addendum, Turkey, Not Indicated
  15. Contaminants in food, Turkey, Not Indicated
  16. Carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, Uganda, 09 February 2023
  17. Transportation and storage of food (Non-chilled and non- frozen), United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023
  18. Transportation and storage of chilled and frozen foods, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023
  19. Hygienic regulations for food plants and their personnel - Addendum, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023
  20. Partially hydrogenated oils / fats, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023
  21. Canned beef and mutton meat intended for human consumption, packed in hermetically sealed containers, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023
  22. Mortadella meat (luncheon) prepared from red meat or poultry meat or from a mixture of both and packed from red meat or poultry meat or from a mixture of both and packed in any suitable packing material, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023
  23. Pressed meat treated with salt solution and heat treated produced from chilled or frozen meat of beef or buffalo or camel or lamb or domesticated birds or rabbit meats free of bones, cartilages and tendons packed in suitable containers, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023
  24. Prepared meat : sausage, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023
  25. Chilled or frozen meat kofta prepared from sheep, goats, beef or camel buffalo meats, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023
  26. Minced red meat or minced chicken, and includes pure minced meat (red meat or minced chicken) and  minced meat with added soybean products or milk protein products and suitable for human consumption, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023
  27. Cascara coffee, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023
  28. Chili sauce, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023

Health care technology 

  1. Pharmaceuticals and medical devices – Addendum, Japan, Not Indicated  
  2. Aquatic spine boards for recovering casualties in controlled aquatic conditions – Addendum, Kenya, Not Indicated 
  3. Reusable sanitary towels – Addendum, Kenya, Not Indicated 
  4. Food and drug, Philippines, Not Indicated 
  5. Investigational new drug applications, United States, 09 March 2023 
  6. Herbal medicinal products – Corrigendum, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  7. Personal hygiene, cosmetics and perfumes, Brazil, 06 February 2023 
  8. Cosmetic products for straightening or waving hair, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  9. Pharmaceuticals, Republic of Korea, 03 February 2023 

Management and Quality 

  1. Conformity assessment bodies – Addendum, United States, 13 January 2023 

Metrology and measurement 

  1. Legal measuring instruments, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023 

Packaging and distribution of goods 

  1. Quantity of the product in pre-packaged packages, United Arab Emirates, 09 February 2023 
  2. Packaging, Sweden, 11 February 2023 

Petroleum and related technologies 

  1. Vehicle natural gas systems – Corrigendum, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  2. Petroleum and flammable materials, Singapore, 02 February 2023 
  3. Emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful air pollutants – Addendum, United States, 05 January 2023 
  4. Renewable fuels, biofuels – Addendum, United States, Not Indicated 

Protective equipment 

  1. Protective gloves – Addendum, Israel, Not Indicated   


  1. Products, inputs and services under Inmetro's regulatory scope and which compliance is compulsorily assessed – Corrigendum, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  2. Pre-export verification of conformity (PVoC) of used / secondhand motor vehicles, Kenya, Not Applicable 

Road vehicles engineering 

  1. Parts and accessories for motor vehicles (brakes, radiators, mufflers, exhaust pipes, clutches, steering wheels, etc.) - Corrigendum, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  2. Transmission chains – Corrigendum, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  3. Imported used vehicles – Addendum, Ghana, Not Indicated 
  4. Electric vehicles with a weight not exceeding 3500 kg and speed exceeding 25 km/h, The State of Kuwait, 04 February 2023 
  5. Diesel vehicle inspection tests and procedures, United States, Not Indicated 


  1. Tourism and related services: sites and attractions, Burundi, Not Indicated 
  2. Tourism and related services: tourism service excellence, Burundi, Not Indicated 

Sports equipment 

  1. Bicycles, Australia, 11 February 2023 

Telecommunications. Audio and video engineering 

  1. ICT products and services – Addendum, Kenya, Not Indicated 
  2. Terrestrial radio receiver specifications for AM / FM / T-DAB, The State of Kuwait, 10 February 2023 


  1. Toys – Corrigendum, Brazil, Not Indicated 


  1. Tyres – Corrigendum, Brazil, Not Indicated 

Wood technology 

  1. Wood products, Republic of Korea, 03 February 2023 

Please submit your comments to the DTI Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) thru email at and copy the DTI Export Marketing Bureau ( The BPS serves as the Philippines’ National Enquiry Point (NEP) and the National Notification Authority (NNA) for the WTO-TBT Agreement.