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angle-left ADVISORY: World Trade Organization-Technical Barriers to Trade (WTO-TBT) Latest Notifications – 2-8 April 2022

Philippine exporters and other relevant stakeholders are strongly encouraged to review and comment on the listed proposed technical regulations that may affect our exports to the issuing countries.  

The latest bulletin lists a total of 35 notifications covering road vehicles engineering, telecommunications, information technology, health technology, food technology, fluid systems & components for general use, domestic & commercial equipment, chemical technology, and agriculture from Brazil, Colombia, China, European Union, Japan, and other countries. 

Please take note of the deadline for the submission of comments for each of the following products: 


Road Vehicles Engineering 


  1. Braking systems and their components for use in motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, Colombia, 6 June 2022 

  2. Fully automated motor vehicles with regard to their automated driving system (ADS), European Union, 4 June 2022 




  1. Telecommunications products, Brazil, 23 May 2022 


Information Technology 


  1. Information technology: network components to support eLearning, Kenya, 4 June 2022 


Health Technology 


  1. Medical devices, Brazil, Not applied 

  2. Clinical trials with drugs, Brazil, Not applied 

  3. Metered-dose inhalers that use chlorofluorocarbon-type propellant gas, Brazil, Not applied 

  4. Medicaments: preparations containing the substance Lidocaine, Brazil, Not applied 

  5. Medicaments: implementation of the action of recalling drugs, Brazil, Not applied 

  6. Ganglioside-based drugs, Brazil, Not applied 

  7. Medicaments and medicines, Brazil, Not applied 

  8. Seasonal influenza vaccines, Brazil, Not applied 

  9. Medical electrical equipment: respiratory gas monitors, China, 3 June 2022 

  10. Medical electrical equipment: respiratory high flow therapy equipment, China, 4 June 2022 

  11. Photodynamic therapy and photodynamic diagnosis equipment, China, 4 June 2022 

  12.  Biological products: diphtheria toxin in the pneumococcal 13-valent conjugate vaccine absorbed (mutated diphtheria CRM197 conjugate), Japan, 4 June 2022 


Food Technology 


  1. Tolerance limits for foreign matter in food, Brazil, Not applied 

  2. Levels of phenylalanine, proteins and moisture in processed foods, Brazil, Not applied 

  3. Cephalopod mollusc products, Brazil, 16 May 2022 

  4. Rice, maize (corn) flour, wheat flour and processed foods, with mandatory fortification for human consumption, Colombia, 6 June 2022 

  5. Food additives, Paraguay, Not applied 

  6. Sorghum flour, Uganda, 3 June 2022 

  7. Millet flour, Uganda, 3 June 2022 

  8. Finger millet grains, Uganda, 3 June 2022 

  9. Brown rice, Uganda, 3 June 2022 


Fluid Systems & Components for General Use 


  1. Residential, commercial and industrial energy-using products, Canada, 11 June 2022 


Domestic & Commercial Equipment 


  1. Medical electrical equipment: particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of home light therapy equipment, China, 5 June 2022 

  2. Public playground equipment, Kenya, 4 June 2022 

  3. High pressure cleaners and steam cleaners powered by mains powered motor, Thailand, 7 June 2022 


Chemical Technology 


  1. Sanitizing products, Brazil, Not applied 

  2. Personal hygiene products, cosmetics, and perfumes, Brazil, Not applied 

  3. Sunscreens and multifunctional products in cosmetics, Brazil, Not applied 

  4. Coloring substances for personal hygiene products, cosmetics and perfumes, Brazil, Not applied 




  1. Agricultural food production and primary processing, Peru, 7 June 2022 



  1. Inert construction and demolition waste and other inert waste of mineral origin, Italy, 15 June 2022 


Please submit your comments to the DTI Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) thru email at and copy the DTI Export Marketing Bureau ( The BPS serves as the Philippines’ National Enquiry Point (NEP) and the National Notification Authority (NNA) for the WTO-TBT Agreement.